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Art works shown are individually custom created based on client size and color requirements and are unique unto themselves. Please contact Elizabeth directly via email or phone to discuss your made-to-order piece

Unless otherwise noted, all clock pieces utilize a museum quality gallery birch wood base.

THE CREATIVE PROCESS OF MIXED MEDIA CLOCKS - Following the same process as Elizabeth's Mixed Media 2D pieces, the background of each clock is painted in with a combination of watercolor, acrylic, and oil-based paints. Then handmade papers are applied using a sealer/fixative that Elizabeth developed several years ago. This natural sealer eliminates parts of the paper and paint leaving only the natural fibers exposed. This is what gives each piece its unique look. When dry, the final detail is then painted in with acrylics. Each piece contains hundreds to thousands of individually hand cut or torn pieces of paper and more than 50 coats of sealer making it extremely durable to various conditions and highly resistant to fading and discoloration. When the artwork is complete, vintage clock pieces from the 1800's are added along with other found antique pieces such as farm faucet handles, rotary telephone dialers, crystal and porcelain drawer pulls, etc. Each piece contains a modern timing mechanism along with period second and hour hands. 

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