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Art works shown are individually custom created based on client size and color requirements and are unique unto themselves. Please contact Elizabeth directly via email or phone to discuss your made-to-order piece

Unless otherwise noted, all heavy texture acrylic pieces utilize a museum quality gallery birch wood base.

THE CREATIVE PROCESS OF HEAVY TEXTURE ACRYLIC - The background of each piece is painted in with a series of various paint mediums. Then the heavy acrylic paint (which is the consistency of peanut butter) is custom mixed with a natural pigment. This gives the work vibrant color along with a polished sheen that is extremely durable. Elizabeth then applies the paint onto the piece with various palette knives and brushes. Since the color permeates through each component of the piece, there is no need for overpainting or sealing. The 3D contrasting effect of these highly tactile pieces make for unique visual appeal. 

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